Concerts, Tours and workshops in 2012-13

1st Jan’ 2012- Kolkata, India- Solo Concert at Swami Satyananda Devayatan’s Kalpataru Utsav programme . Tabla accompaniment by Pandit Sujit Saha

4th Jan’ 2012- Kolkata, India – Solo Concert of heritage Club of Kolkata- The Calcutta Club. Tabla accompaniment by Shri Subhajyoti Guha

10th March, 7th April and 21st April’ 2012- Music workshop for the young participants of Mozarts Choir of India at the Austrian Embassy, Delhi

24th April’ 2012- Solo Concert at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi, India

22nd May to 12th June’ 2012- Tour to Mumbai

22nd to 30th June’ 2012- Music Workshop for advanced students at Ramgarh, Himalayan Ashram

1st Aug’ 2012- New session for the Mozart’s Choir of India

13th Aug’ 2012- Presentation of Raga Symphony at Gurgaon, India

15th Aug’ 2012- Solo Concert at Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi

20th to 29th Oct’ 2012- Concert tour to Kolkata

13th to 16th Nov’ 2012- Concert to Rishikesh and Release of new CD album,

Ragas for Ever

23rd Dec to 6th Jan’ 2013- Concert tour to Kolkata and release of new CD album 

“Soul to Soul”-2

2nd April to 23rd April’ 2013- Concerts in Vienna and England.

June ’ 2013- Concert tour in U.S.A.