Launching Shubham Music Circle in Delhi

shubham Music Circle logo

 In 1983, during his stay in Kolkata, with the blessings of Pt. Ravi Shankar, Barun Pal established Shubham Music Circle -a society created in service of classical Music, to give a platform to young artists and more importantly to cultivate the true values of Indian Classical music and understanding its real essence by presenting senior musicians not just to a larger audience but to genuine lovers of music.

Very recently in New Delhi- 20th of September, Barun Pal brought this beautiful journey to our city with the inauguration of Shubham Music Circle’s Delhi Chapter. 

It was a truly memorable evening, with the right amount of all ingredients required to make a successful concert but what made those three hours a part of everybody memories forever was the authentic love for music in both the performers as well as the audience which had gathered for the auspicious event.


Pt. Barun Pal’s contributions as a Composer, music director and conductor in Indian Classical music for A.I.R., Doordarshan, DD-7, and National Youth Festival are well known. He is also popularly known for having produced Raga symphony,  and numerous choirs with young talents, with over 75 presentations. He has worked together with Gerald Wirth, the director of the Vienna Children’s Choir and the choir group of RIMPA which perform several concerts in India and Austria as a part of the project Global Children’s Choir for peace.


Pt. Barun Pal has been training numerous students in New Delhi at the Ravi Shankar Institute of Music and Performing arts, RIMPA, in the guru-shishya parampara, following the methodology of Pt. Ravi Shankar for many years now. Under his guidance many of these young talents have been awarded with All India Radio Music honours, National Awards and National Scholarships from the government of India. The evening gave us the opportunity to witness music from some of his young artists, wielding stringed, blowing and bowing instruments.


The serene atmosphere created for the baithak at Mr. Khare’s residence, one of key members of the Shubham family, was an ideal venue for hosting such an event. After an inspiring speech by Mr. Khare, the lamp lighting and unveiling of the logo took place by the senior musicians and well wishers including Pt. Vijay Shankar Mishra, Mr. Kotwal and Pt. Barun Pal. This made way for a calm and beautiful chant by his disciples, a perfect start to the musical evening.


The Program opened with a violin recital by Sarth Khare a student of the prestigious School for Planning and architecture.  He showed immense confidence and prowess while playing a typical short dhun format in raga Khamaj- the popular, Vishnav jan to tene kahiye, creating a beautiful sutra of notes with good support by the guest tabla artist Pranav Ramji, a disciple of Shri Gulfam Sabri.


The next artist Priyanka Nayyar a Hansaveena player presented Raga Bihag, a melodious rendering in the traditional Indian Classical Music format where she played a beautiful Gat in teental composed by Pt. Ravi Shankar. The dynamic sound of the hansaveena combined with her own musical sense made for a pleasing atmosphere within those few minutes. Pranav Ramji gave steady accompaniment on Tabla.


                                                                                                                                     Radhika, the next young performer presented Raga Desh on Sitar, in a short presentation while trying to keep with the traditional structure of classical music, with an introductory alap, gat and tans in Ektaal and ending with a Jhala, Again Pranav Ramji provided with able support on Tabla. 


Naren Ramaswamy a disciple of Barun Pal, is currently pursuing his engineering degree at Stanford University is an excellent flute player.  He performed Raga Hemant with an alaap , gat in teen taal in a crisp presentation, with intelligent taans and exciting Tihai’s while keeping the Raga in focus. He was accompanied by the well known tabla player Shri Subhas Kanti Das. 


The next young performer was Srija Das – 15 years of age, she had the maturity of an accomplished vocalist. She is currently training with Vidushi Savita Devi of the Banaras Gharana & Damodar Lal Ghosh. She was accompanied on Tabla by her father Shri Subhash Das and Shri Shah Alam provided good support on the harmonium. 

She began with a mellifluous thumri in Raga Khamaj and finished with a well embellished Bhajan- Akhiyan Hari darshan ki pyasi…

The next artist, a professional flautist, Pravar  Tandon disciple of Pt. Barun Pal, is currently also working as a software engineer. He gave a mature performance with a steady and balanced blowing technique and fine tonal quality.  He presented Raga Maru Bihag beginning with an emotional alap and gat in Drut teen Taal, with accompaniment on Tabla by guest artist Shri Pradeep Sarkar. 


The evening concluded by an enthralling sitar recital by Debojyoti Mukherjee, disciple of Pt. Barun Pal, who is currently also pursuing a Masters Degree from the School of Planning and Architecture. His rendition of Raga Jogeshwari, a creation of Pt. Ravi Shankar, began with tuneful and elaborate alap followed by a harmonious jod. He presented a two exciting gats in Teental with perfect support of Tabla also adding solos at the right moment. The sawal jawab also created a wonderful mood with equal involvement from the sitar as well as percussion. The performance concluded with a fast paced Jhaala and a thrilling tihai.


Mrs. Laxmi Ramaswamy along with Smt. Deepa Khare, important members of the Shubham family gave the vote of thanks to conclude the memorable musical evening.


Pt. Barun Pal gave an encouraging speech and wishes to see Shubham playing host to many more such truly musical gatherings. With this the Shubham Music Circle completed its first successful baithak.