2014 concerts and events


  • 2nd to 8th Jan’14- Concerts in Kolkata and around.


  • Feb 7th to 9th’”14- Concerts and workshops in Rishikesh


  • May 12th to 17th’14- Music workshop in Mother’s International School


  • Dec 18th to 28th’14-Music workshop for the young talents of Auro-Mira Vidya MandirMatri in Kechla (Odissa) from 19th to 28th Dec. Local tribal students of age 10 to 14 are already trained in different disciplines like Sanskrit chanting (more than 50 different), Prayer songs, Bhajans, devotional songs, contemporary songs, English speaking –reading and writing fluently, Yoga- Ashanas, doing Havans of all the different occasions, physical activity demonstrations, scientific agriculture and many other.

They also had the basic training of singing Indian Classical music (Ragas), playing Flute and Tabla.  

During this intensive workshop of eight days ( 8 hrs. a day) they enjoyed learning 12 compositions including Chanting’s, famous Tagore songs, compositions from Bharat Ratna Ravi Shankar, folk tunes, Lakshan geets on different Ragas, Tabla Parans, different Talas and their improvisations, basics scales and chords on Western Guitar, art of presentations with co-ordinations and Harmonisations etc. On the last evening of the workshop they even gave a presentation of what they have learned during the workshop for an hr. and concluded with several chantings, songs and patriotic songs of their own choice to entertain the listeners. 


  • Three of the advanced students are given recognitions by the All India Radio, Ministry of Broad Cast, Gov. of India :


  1. Debojyoti Mukherjee- Sitar also a recipient of National Scholarship
  2. Shubrodip Paul-Flute. Stood first in All India Radio music competition and All India Flute competition organised by The Shahara music competition, Lucknow.
  3. Pravar Tandon: Flute. Graded artiste of All India Radio
  • Special broad cast of Hansaveena by All India Radio on the 21st Nov’14