Audio Cassettes

1) Ragas on Guitar: Classic Collection of Super Cassette (T-Series) No. SICC-02

Ragas: Nat Bhairav and Malkauns


2) Spirit of Ragas: From American Records, SanFransisco. No. DPS-002

Ragas: Jaunpuri and Jog


3) Anubhav: From Sound Waves, Delhi No.CM-10

Ragas: Hemant,Bihag and PalashKafi Dhun


4) Ragas on Guitar : From AIM Records,USA,No.CSIM-340 Raga: HemBihag


Popular discs

 1) Memorable Melodies on Guitar : From Music India ( Polydor),Bombay,(E.P.),


2) Hits on Guitar : FromHindusthan  Records,Calcutta, (S.P.)


3) Film Hits on Guitar : From Polydor,Bombay (L.P.)


Compact Discs

1) ‘ShankaRagamala’, a 3CD album released byPdt Ravi Shankar Foundation. Raga: Nat Bhairav


2)’The Best of Aim Records’: From AIM records No.CDIM Raga: Mishra Pahari.


3) ‘Pranam’: From Biswas Records, USA,No. BIS 159 Ragas: Maru Bihag and Kirwani


4) ‘Ragas on HansaVeena’:From Biswas Records,USA No.BIS 227    Ragas: Jog and Desh


5) ‘Ragas on Slide Guitar’: From Simla House, USA.Ragas: Malkaunsh and Pilu

** Ranked fourth, out of top hundreds in USA,2003 by different Radio channels of USA and Canada.No: Simla 006

6) ‘Raga Jazz’ : From Simla House,USA,2004. Composed and played with renowned western musicians of USA.No:Simla 007

7)  ‘Ragas from within’ by Pdt Barun Kumar Pal .Ragas: Puriya Kalyan and tune of Kirtan.Super Cassette (T-series) No:SICCD-161

8)  Soul To Soul’, recorded and released in France

A harmony of emotions and sentiments of Eastern and Western music

9)  ‘Aye Pyarey Vatan’: A patrtiotic song album. Music direction and arrangement by Pt. Barun Kumar released in Delhi in 2007 

10) “Mood of The Raga” –HansaVeena and Sitar Duet released from Singapore’10


11) ‘Soul to Soul’ Part II- A fusion with eminent musicians from France, Germany and UK. To be released Feb ‘12



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