Few of the awards given to Barun Kumar Pal

  • Sangeet Prabhakar of Prayag Sangeet Sammitte: Gold medal winner as first class first in India in 1966


  • Allauddin Sangeet Ratna  from Allauddin Sangeet Samaj, Bhopal


  • Sangeet Ratna  from Salt Lake Cultural Association, Kolkata


  • Abhinava Kalakar  from Bhopal as one of the a pioneers in popularizing the guitar as an Indian Classical instrument


  • Jadu Bhatta  award as a dedicated and most successful guru from Kolkata


  • Pt Gama Maharaj honour for lifelong contribution to Indian classical music






Few comments...

Pandit RAVI SHANKAR wrote :…, “Barun is an outstanding Hawaiian Guitar player of North Indian Classical Music. I recommend him as a top concert Artist and teacher. I am sure he will be a great success where ever he performs’’.


Associate Director of NC STATE UNIVERSITY OF USA writes :in my thirty years of involvement with the Indian Classical Music I have never heard such a succinct, yet powerful explication of the root concepts of Raga, Tala, Sruti Gamak etc…. Maestro Pal was fantastic… He opened our ears and hearts and my students and I will now listen to Indian Classical Music with a new and deeper understanding….we are grateful to this generous artist for sharing his gifts so magnanimously…this combination—a great artist who is also a great teacher—is rare… Sept 1999.


Director, cultural and special events, Asheville, University of North Carolina, USA, writes…Your clear, concise and joyful conversations, lecture demonstrations and performances resulted in a high degree of involvement in not only learning about Indian classical music but also the pure delight of simply sharing this beautiful and ancient tradition…you gave us the ability to hear and understand in new ways..Dec5,2007


Hindustan Times, Ranchi12th Sept,’09: Pt. Barun Kumar presented a Hansa Veena recital in IIMC, mesmerizing the large number of eminent personalities who were present on that evening concert of Ragas.

Shanka Ragamala , an International release of a special 3 CD album by Ravi Shankar Foundation writes about Barun : [… Encouraged by several Maestro’s and as a child prodigy, he began playing Indian Classical music on Hawaiian slide guitar. Barun is acclaimed as an outstanding and foremost exponent of the slide Guitar. As a pioneer he was the first person to Indianise the Hawaiian Guitar by adding the Chikari, twelve sympathetic strings and significant structural changes way back from 1955 onwards.

In 1971 All India Radio recognized him as an A –grade Artiste on this Indianised Hawaiian Guitar which could not be categorized before. In 1979, Barun became a disciple of Ravi Shankar and has been going through a sustained and rigorous Sadhana under the guidance of his Guru.

His musical talent and relentless hard work has made him a leading Artiste of International repute with several awards and a number of records, cassettes and CDs to his credit. ]